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Hallucinated Gods

We've laid a lot of groundwork over the past two months for me to be able to say this with a straight face: Julian Jaynes believed that ancient people experienced their gods as auditory hallucinations. OK, maybe I cringed a

The Spirituality of Science

Is science a religion? No... but maybe it should be. There's a spirituality to science — something sacred in it — that sparkles if you catch it in the right light and from just the right angle. Once you've seen

Post-Atheism: Religion Refactored

This is the second installment in a multi-part series on Post-Atheism. In the previous essay, I noted some parallels between atheism and the teenage years and argued for a more 'adult' conversation. Today we'll take a fresh look at religion,

Post-Atheism: An Introduction

There are no gods. Now what? I'm ready to move past atheism. As so many have pointed out, it's a hollow belief system. Atheism is defined entirely by negation. It rejects false ideologies, but offers little in return: nothing concrete